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Genetic Health Testing

Genetic Health Testing

One of the new things that breeders are now able to do is genetic health testing for their dogs.  This genetic testing looks for the common genetic disorders that are carried by the breed, as well as a whole host of several hundred other items. It also tests for multidrug resistance one, coat color genes, genetic diversity.  This can be very helpful to breeders. A dog can basically be clear of tested disorders, be a carrier of a tested disorder, or have the disorder.

A dog that is clear of the disorder will not pass this on to its offspring.  A dog that is a carrier does not have the disorder, and will not develop it. It can pass on one copy of the gene to offspring. As long as a carrier is bred with a clear dog, none of the puppies will inherit the disorder, although they could be carriers.  And of course, dogs that actually have the disorder would not be used for breeding (at least by an ethical breeder.)

There are two very popular tests, Optimal Selection and Embark. Both are simple to use, a sample is collected on a swab, and returned for analysis.  The breeder or owner then receives a comprehensive report.

We are excited to now be doing this testing. It will assure that we will never breed puppies that have any of the common disorders associated with our breeds.

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