My name is Jan Wilcutt. I am dog lover and dog breeder near Kansas City. I have been a dog lover my entire life.  I am a dog lover first, and a breeder second. That love will show through not only in the puppy parents, but in the puppies we raise..

I have been breeding dogs for over 20 years. I have bred Frenchies in particular for the past 15 of those 20 years. I am a hobby breeder from Easton, Kansas. That puts us at a short 45-minute drive to the closest airport.

At Frenchie-Pugs, it's our mission to provide the highest-quality care for the puppies we breed. We feed them premium food, socialize them with people at an early age, and provide regular vaccinations and parasite treatments. We absolutely adore dogs and care for them deeply. This shines through in the way we care for our dogs, and in the way our dogs behave! Before we send your puppy to your home, we have an expert veterinarian check them head to toe. Not only that, but they come with a one-year health guarantee for genetic health issues. Try getting that level of service from a shelter! 

The mother of your puppy receives excellent prenatal care and is provided only the best supplements. This ensures the healthiest pregnancy and delivery of your puppy! From start to finish, we're dedicated to guaranteeing your puppy is raised in the optimal conditions! While we're located in Kansas, we're able to safely transport our pugs to wherever you live in the United States. As previously mentioned, we're a short drive from the closest airport. We'll stay in close contact with you via phone and email to check up on the puppy and to answer any questions!


If you've been looking for a new Frenchie-pug, French bulldog, or pug, we're the breeder for you! Don't wait to try us out today! You can purchase a dog straight from our website. you can also give us a call at (913) 704-8406 with any questions you may have