Why Choose Us

Health Guarantee

All of our puppies grow up in a safe and healthy environment with a healthy diet and consistent checkups to keep them happy! We take full warranty of the health of our little pups so that they arrive at your home with top-notch health and affectionate behavior.

Health Program

We offer lifetime support for you and your little furry friend, including access to our health program and feeding plan. Our best belief is that every puppy deserves a happy home and proper healthcare, so we make it all become a reality with a health benefits program.

No Puppy Mills

We are not a breeding factory, nor do we believe in this inhumane ritual; all of our puppies and dogs are kept in a safe and happy environment with ample outdoor playtime, in-house activities, healthy food diet with all the required medication needed to keep them healthy.

Dog Breeders in Kansas - Frenchie Pugs

Frenchie Pugs was formed around all the love for dogs! We are a Kansas-based licensed breeding family with the excellence and experience of over 15+ years! We deal in top-quality Frenchie-pugs, French Bulldogs, and Pugs. We carry some of the rarest in color, from black and tan French Bulldogs to Blue French Bulldogs, with all the required food and shelter they need to keep them happy and healthy. We are committed to providing you and your furry friend the best support and timely veterinarian care, diet plans, and health benefits. Our main motive is to breed healthy pups ethically that grow up to be well-behaved, affectionate, and loving little puppies for you to fall in love with them immediately and welcome them into your happy family! 

Available Puppies