Yogurt for puppies and dogs

Yogurt for puppies is easy to make at home. Yogurt is great for puppies and dogs. The beneficial bacteria in yogurt helps puppies (and adult dogs)  digest food efficiently, help fight toxins in the digestive system and help keep pathogen growth in check.

I find that most puppies love yogurt, but the adults may be a bit more picky. All of mine love Vietnamese yogurt. It is a very palatable yogurt for puppies

Here is a recipe I use, that I modified from one I found online.

1/2 can low fat sweetened condensed milk
1 can of evaporated milk (goat’s milk is best, but regular is fine)
1 can of water
half container of regular or vanilla yogurt with live cultures.
Put canned milks together, heat to about 110 degrees. Let cool to room temp, and stir in the yogurt.

Put in yogurt maker until desired consistency is reached.

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