Why Is My French Bulldog Losing Hair? Reasons and Treatment

French Bulldog losing hair

All breeds shed hair but understanding and determining the roots of this is the real solution to fixing the cause. Depending on the time of the year, even the shortest hair dogs might be shedding a lot. French Bulldog hair loss is a common concern amongst most dog owners. Your Bulldog may have scabs and hair loss, which is quite common; however, if you notice that it is more than usual, consider a few things:

  • Only some remedies you see online for French bulldog hair loss treatment will be effective, as suggested. 
  • Your French Bulldog losing hair is a common phenomenon; depending on the season and age, it will happen in increments. 
  • French bulldogs shed their hair seasonally.
  • These dogs shed their hair about twice a year, replacing their thinner or thicker coats for summer or wintertime.
  • If they are losing more hair than expected, it could indicate an underlying skin condition or allergies. 

Another question we get is, ‘How long do pugs live?’ and, on average, 12-15 years, depending on genetics, family, environment, diet, and lifestyle. 

If you want pugs for sale, then connecting with the right breeder is highly important. Depending on the growth cycle and environment, each dog will show different durations of adapting to the change. The idea here is to understand the basics of hair loss and regrowth. From some of the most commonly asked questions, we are offering extensive research on how and why these sheds happen. 

What are the leading causes of my French bulldog hair loss?

Here are some of the most common reasons that French bulldogs lose their hair. 

Food Irritation

You may not know this, but dogs can also have food allergies and build irritation from even exposure to those foods. Some flavors might not just be disliked by your dog but are also quite irritating. As per the nature of the dog, they like adventures and exploring things which is why being irritated because of those factors can be one of the most uncomplicated explanations. Common allergies include plastic and latex materials, dyeing agents, cleaning products, plants, antibiotics, or certain ingredients in types of dog food.

Environmental Irritation

You may least expect it from dogs, but environmental irritation because of pollen or eating dusty leaves is a thing. Not only can these irritations be dangerous, but they are also deadly in some cases. 

Acute Dermatitis

Also known as hot spots, folding of the skin can make the skin sweaty and full of moisture. The prolonged trapping of this moisture and fluid can be harmful to your canines which can turn into an allergic reaction. You might see your French Bulldog losing hair on the sides of the mouth and neck area bald spots.


Quiet is a common cause and problem of irritation. Mange is one of the conditions that are contagious and very irritable for your canine. The good part is that this irritation is relatively treatable with oral antibiotics, creams, and shampoos. Symptoms of mange include rashes, skin redness, hair loss, skin lesions, and scaled skin.

Stress Hair loss

Excessive licking can be a sign of stress. When a dog is anxious, restless, or bored, it can release some excess energy by licking itself and the things around it. Antibiotics, anti-lick strips, and topical medicines can treat dermatitis and infection. The behavioral and psychological cause can be helped through training, more interaction with the animal, and longer walks to relieve their excess energy.


Dogs can also go through many hormonal problems, such as imbalance and a rise in sexual tension. This up and down in the hormones can be a significant cause of bald spots and patchiness. However, one of the most common causes is hypothyroidism, caused by a malfunction in the canine thyroid gland; this can be treated with an oral hormone replacement medication, such as thyroxine.

Bacterial Infection

It could be due to parasitic infections like ringworm or bacterial and fungal infections like folliculitis. The most common symptoms show red swellings around the hair follicles but can be treated with topical creams and antimicrobial shampoos. The most common places for these infections are the dog’s head, ears, paws, and neck. 

2 Easy Ways to reduce French Bulldog hair loss

You have to understand that every animal takes their time, and each problem takes its due time to recover. Here are some of the most common ways to treat hair loss in your French bulldogs:

Change their diet

Changing your canine’s diet will allow you to understand if the problem lies within the diet. Any particular irritant can be one of the primary reasons why your dog is shedding so much. Eating scraps can also trigger the balance of your dog and its diet. 

Topical Remedies

There is a high possibility that you might not know about. The biggest one is to understand that dogs tend to itch, and if you allow them to calm down and not scratch so much, the high possibility is that they will ultimately stop being so vicious with their skin. This will eventually cause the formation of bald patches. You can do that by trying remedies such as diluted lemon juice or apple cider vinegar which is excellent for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. 

Brush Properly

The natural oils from your dog’s skin can take care of the other grown-out hair. Brushing your canine will allow those oils to spread correctly and keep a healthy coat intact. 

Using Humidifiers

Room humidifiers can be game-changing for dogs, significantly changing their itchy skin with ample moisturization. By placing a humidifier near your dog’s bed, the night moisture in the room will help to rehydrate and soothe your dog’s skin.

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