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Shop for Your Puppy Supplies

Puppy homecoming day must be exciting for dog enthusiasts, but it involves several tasks. He would surely run around in excitement, but you must ensure that his personal space is ready for him. We recommend placing a puppy playpen, some steel bowls, potty pads, and a bed.

We would also suggest placing toys on his bed and familiar puppy food. One of life’s greatest joys is sharing your special and precious moments with your friends and family. And according to our experience, we have seen people sharing their special moments with their pets. If someone has no one to spend their time with, then all they have is their pet. 

Must-Have Items for Your New Pup

  • A crate to help the new pup adjust. It provides dogs with a sense of security and a place they can refer to as their home. They can hide in it, or whenever feeling down, they can leave it all alone without any disturbances. 
  • Puppy food and a bowl are essential items on your shopping list since one must stick to a particular brand to minimize the stomach upsets of their pups. 
  • To provide your pups with a night of peaceful and comfortable sleep, one must buy a bed for their pups and place a fresh blanket on your pup’s bed, making it easier for them to get adjusted to a new home. 
  • Get the right-sized chew toys for your pups to prevent choking hazards. 
  • Shop grooming tools, including dog shampoo, a nail clipper, a toothbrush, and toothpaste to introduce your pup to grooming habits. 



Introduce your pup to his new space and let him inspect it, sniff it and have some time alone in it. Once he gets calm and eats his food, you can spend a few minutes introducing him to family members. One must limit his playtime but with balanced outdoor trips.

Maintaining a balance in your puppy’s outdoor life and letting him spend a couple of hours in his space is essential. Following this routine daily, he would get comfortable with his new environment and adjust comfortably. 

Preparing your home before the puppy arrives is a big task because you need to remove all the chewable items from your puppy’s space and perform a final sweep by going down to your puppy’s level and looking around for items you may have missed while removing them in a standing position.

If you do not have other dogs to interact with your new one, you can provide your dog with brain-based games and activities. Dogs are intelligent animals, so they need mental stimulation such as puzzles and other problem-solving toys to stimulate and calm dogs. Snuffle mats are great for puppies who gulp their food and it counts as a necessity for Frenchies and pugs who are notorious for inhaling their food. Lick mats work great for your pup’s bedtime activity. 

Make Your Own Games to Keep the Pup Busy

A bored puppy may become a destructive puppy. So, you can provide it with exercise, training, and brain-based game activities to reduce its violent behavior. Sprinklers and paddling pools for dogs are a great way to get them in a safe and controlled environment. You can reward your puppy with positive reinforcement such as treats or a favorite toy for exploring the water. But never force your puppy to get into the water.

If it is stressed, then forcing might make its fear worse. You can also create your fun water games or try tossing your puppy’s favorite ball into the kiddie pool during your next game. Hide and seek can keep your puppy occupied since it is a game that never fails to amuse pet enthusiasts.

This game is similar to playing fetch and is super fun. Through this game, you can teach your dog basic puppy commands and find a good hiding spot with your friends to start the game. We believe playtime is about positive experiences and interacting with your puppy, so one must keep the play sessions short and upbeat. 

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