Bringing Puppy Home

Puppy Homecoming bringing puppy home

Your puppy homecoming day will be an exciting one, both for your family and for him.

Homecoming day can be stressful for your puppy. Imagine, he is walking into a huge (to him) new space, with no familiar sights or smells.  He may run around excitedly. He is really looking for something familiar. You can ease his stress by following a few tips.

On puppy homecoming day, have his space ready for him. I recommend you have a puppy playpen, some potty pads, two ceramic or steel bowls, and a bed.  A few toys are also nice. Your breeder probably sent a toy with the scent of his mom or siblings. Be sure to ask for this when you pick up your puppy.  He should also have some of his familiar puppy food.

Here is a link to the playpens I use with the puppies here. I recommend a raised cot for the bed. The puppies here will be used to climbing up and resting on one.

Introduce him to his space. Let him inspect it, sniff it, and have some time alone in it. Once he is calm, and perhaps has eaten or drank, you can spend a few minutes introducing him to family members.  His playtime should be limited, then follow that up with a trip outdoors. Then, back to his space.

Your puppy should have a couple of hours in his space, followed by outdoor time, playtime, and then go back to his space. Follow this routine for a few days, and he should adjust comfortably.

If you decide to use a crate, I recommend it be placed where he is able to see people. He can take his puppy break times in the crate. However, I don’t recommend using the crate for overnight. Puppies are usually not ready to go all night without relieving themselves until 5-6 months of age. Using his pen at night allows him to use the potty pads. At the appropriate age, you can transition him to the crate, or, you can continue to use the playpen and bed set up.

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