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How Much Is A Pug

Let’s talk about pug prices!

If you want to know the right prices for pugs, you have come to the right place. Pugs are friendly, lovable, and funny furry little dogs. They are versatile, and their loyalty makes them popular among others. Children fall for the pugs because of their cute faces, small size, and funny personality. They are the most expensive dog breed, so if you want to get one, you must know if it is according to your budget or not.

How Much Do Pugs Cost

The average cost of a pug lies between $700 to $1500. But some breeders sell them for about $2500 to $3000. The pugs, which are costly, are used as show dogs. If you think you need to brag in front of your friends about the different breeds of pugs, in various colors then you must buy them.

When you decide to pay a specific amount for a pug its cost depends on the following factors:

  • breeder
  • Bloodline
  • Location
  • Age
  • Color

The price of a puppy could be more than that of a senior dog because of their demand. Let’s be honest. How can someone resist such cute-looking puppies? That is why they are in higher demand. Children find its round heads, wrinkly muzzles, and big brown eyes attractive.

Pugs that reach $2800 or $3000 can also cost over $5500. If you like to have pugs in different colors, then being a pet enthusiast, you should not hesitate to spend a few dollars.  

Pug Cost According to Their Demand

The price of a pug will be more than a senior dog because they are in higher demand. The black pugs have an entirely black coat, while the fawn ones have a black face mask, fawn coat, and markings on their ears. A black pug costs $500 to $800, which is the cheapest.

The pug price for the fawns is between $1100 and $1800. Because of their popularity, they cost higher. You can also find them in different classical colors such as blue, merle, apricot, and white.

Blue German shepherds are challenging to breed. Blue and merle are one of the most expensive coat colors since they get their color from recessive genes. If you want to breed a healthy litter of pugs, then the cost of a breeder will be between $1600 and $8000. Through this amount you can get covered the following:

  • The stud fee would be from $100 to $1500. 
  • Ultrasounds to watch for proper growth of puppies can be $100. 
  • Whelping boxes are around $500.

Breeders take their puppies to the vet for routine checkups, costing around $150 a pup. Usually, owners spend $150 a year on an adult. It would be best if you buy a harness for your pug. Pugs, like pulling on their leash, cost around $20 to $40.

We believe buying a pug for your family will be entertainment for your children, but if you opt to get one from a rescue, it will give you happiness for the coming years. You may find a friendly pug who needs attention and requires a home for less than $300.

Whenever you buy a pug, make sure that it comes from a reputable breeder. The pug price also varies due to the great lengths to breed healthy, high-quality dogs.

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