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Why You Should Have A Holistic Vet

I have recently begun visiting a holistic vet.

In the past, I have used acupuncture and chiropriactic for my dogs, and gotten good results.

When two of my old dogs developed chronic conditions, I decided I would prefer to forgoe long term medication if possible. One has osteoarthritis, and my resident mutt has Cushings.

I am amazed at the range of therapies this vet offers. We have been going for a little over a month, and already I hvae seen amazing results. My arthritic dog, who did not respond to pain medications, is now out and about the yard again, with renewed vigor. My Cushings dog has renewed appetite, reduced thirst, and is peppier than she has been in quite somoe time.

You may wonder what, exactly, is a holistic veterianrian. Well, they are veterians who have had all the same training as tradtional veterinarins. But, they have additional specialty trainings in various modalities that address the whole animal, and aim to treat the problem with a whole body approach. They don’t seek to mask symptoms, as with drugs, but rather to bring balance to the dog, and improve overall health.

There are a variety of treatments these vets use, including acupuncture, chiropractic, nutritional therapy, herbs, laser treatments, ozone therapy, and blood irradiation to mention a few.

Interestingly enough, some of these treatments offer better results for common pet health problems than drugs and surgery. In fact, one study found that curcumin, an active compound in the herb turmeric, can reduce inflammation more efficiently in dogs with osteoarthritis than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

A visit with a holistic vet will likely be very different than one with your conventional vet. There likely won’t be tables, the vet will sit on the floor with the dog. He/she will spend more time getting to know the whole dog, not just focus on the present issue. They will also discuss diet with you, and may well suggeset raw or homemade diet. Many have extensive training in dog nutrition, which conventional vets lack.

Many holistic vets use traditional approaches in addition to the holistic treatments when necessary. It is a good idea to have both a conventional vet, for emergencies, some diagonostics, surgery, and acute health issues. Many vets will work collaboratively with your pet, whi8ch is the case with my dogs. My traditional vet did the diagnostics, such as ultrasound, blood work, and Xrays. My holistic vet then used those results to develop treatment plans. I would encourage you to fine both a conventional vet and a holistic vet that you like and trust. That way, your pet will have the best of both worlds.
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