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Best French Bulldog Breeders in Kansas City

Best French Bulldog Breeders

French Bulldogs are an excellent option for bringing a canine family member into your home. These friendly and energetic dogs are renowned for their distinctive personalities and appearance. Finding a trustworthy breeder, however, can be challenging because not all breeders act to the dogs’ most significant advantage.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top French bulldog for sale breeders in Kansas City to aid you in searching for the ideal breeder. These breeders are dedicated to the finest animal welfare norms and are renowned for raising robust, well-socialized pups. These breeders are a fantastic spot to start your search if you’re searching for a Frenchie that will win awards at shows or a devoted friend.

Top 5 French Bulldog Breeders You Can Find In Kansas City 

It’s crucial to locate reliable bulldog breeders in Kansas for many reasons. First, it guarantees a healthy, well-socialized puppy who will become an excellent company. Dedicated breeders also offer continuing assistance and direction to help you negotiate the particular requirements and difficulties of the bulldog breed. 

1. Frenchie-Pugs

The passion for dogs is what inspired the creation of Frenchie Pugs! They are a certified breeding family from Kansas with more than 15 years of excellence and knowledge! They sell French Bulldog, Frenchie, and Pug puppies of the highest caliber.

When their puppies arrive at your home, they have all been socialized, friendly, and loving. They ensure your dog’s confinement and births are as hygienic as possible. They can deliver your pugs safely to any place in the United States.

2. SpringValley Bulldogs

Since nine years ago, Spring Valley Bulldogs have bred French and English bulldogs breeders in kansas. They aim to create healthy, well-mannered puppies and the ideal match for their respective family. Before the arrival of their new addition, they work to teach the new owner and are constantly accessible for inquiries.

From an early age, families teach and groom puppies to transition easily to a new environment. These are appropriate for people of all ages, kids, and other animals. While they were puppies, they were more enthusiastic, but lifting them off the ground to use the toilet might be difficult as they grew older.

3. Gaugers Little Bullies 

In Kansas, Gaugers Little Bullies is a renowned dog breeder. Since 1991, they have been engaged in animal breeding. They advance with the finest strides! Their principal focus is ensuring that all their animals are healthy and happy from birth until they depart with their forever families and beyond. A family owns this company.

Their infants are all covered by a one-year warranty starting on the day of birth. The breeder will refund the buying price when the dog is given to the customer if a licensed physician finds the puppy is ill within 48 hours of the consumer taking possession.

4. Elite Bulldog

AKC-registered and utterly gorgeous English Bulldogs are available at Elite Bulldogs. Go no further than the Elite Bulldog Club if you’re prepared to fill your life with a joyous English bulldog-sized bundle of energy.

They ensure pups have a regular checkup from a qualified veterinarian, ideally before they go for their family builds or at six weeks of age. Every puppy comes with a year’s worth of health coverage. To ensure your puppy is healthy and mature enough to be released from the kennel, you cannot pick them up until they are eight weeks old.

5. Woodward Bulldogs LLC

The home of Woodward Bulldogs LLC is in NE Kansas, where the moms and puppies have lots of space to run around and enjoy themselves. They treat their canines like one of the fams. They work hard to produce small, healthy puppies and to place them with a loving family.

They want to breed solid and devoted puppies their families will love for the remainder of their life. Prices for their puppies range from $2500 to $3000 based on their size and color. Frenchies cost up to $2500–3500 for females, depending on the color, and $2500–4000 for males.

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Final Words 

To sum up, choosing the best Kansas French bulldog breeders is essential to ensure that the puppy you bring home is content, healthy, and adjusted. You can feel secure in your choice to get a French Bulldog into your family if you do your homework, ask the right questions, and select a breeder who puts the welfare of their dogs first.

Supporting moral breeders also contributes to the fight against animal abuse and encourages sustainable pet ownership. 

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