We are excited to announce that we will be breeding fluffy french bulldogs in the near future.

Our first pair, Humphrey and Abi will be joining is in mid April of this year.

This pair is coming from Tom King Kennels in Hungary, a premier european breeder. Their bloodlines are of the highest quality.

We will be one of a very few fluffy french bulldog breeders in Kansas and near Kansas City.

What is a Fluffy French Bulldog?

A Fluffy Frenchie is a long-haired, furry purebred French Bulldog that gets its fluffiness from an extremely rare mutation in the fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5) gene.  Dna tests will show this recessive gene as LH.  

A visual fluffy frenchie will show the hair length mostly at the ears, but the hair all over the body will be longer than their short haired cohorts.

How do you breed for a fluffy frenchie?

A visual fluffy french bulldog has to carry two copies of the  long hair gene.  This is a rare gene.  A fluffy frenchie puppy can be the result of a mating of two visual fluffy frenchies; a mating of one visual fluffy frenchie and one fluffy carrier; or from a mating of two fluffy carriers.

A fluffy frenchie carrier carries one copy of the LH gene and one copy of the SH (short hair) gene.  Statistically, breeding a visual fluffy to a carrier should result in 50% fluffy puppies, and a breeding of two fluffy carriers should result in 25% fluffy carriers. The only way to be assured you will have fluffy puppies is to breed two visual fluffies.

Are Fluffy French Bulldogs Purebred?

Yes, they are the same dog as their short haired cohorts. They just happen to carry two copies of the LH gene.   the fluffy-haired gene  has likely always existed due to the fact that French Bulldogs were bred in France in the mid-19th century from Toy Bulldogs imported from England and Parisian ratters or terriers. It is likely that the shorter haired Frenchies were bred due to being so popular with the longer haired versions phased out, but with the growing popularity of these fluffy versions – just look at their fluffy ears for starters – we are likely going to be seeing more of them about, though sightings are likely to be much rarer than short-haired versions.

Do Fluffy Frenchies Have Special Health Problems

Like any other Frenchie, Fluffy Frenchies may be prone to joint issues, environmental or food  allergies or sensitivities and of course breathing issues.

Although most frenchies will not have serious issues with these things, you can check on the parent’s history.  Diet is the best way to manage sensitivities. Breathing issues can range from stenotic nares to elongated soft palate, which can be corrected with surgery if they cause life enjoyment issues.  Like any frenchie, or any short nosed dog, they should never be left out in high heat for any long period of time; and should always have access to shade, cool shelter, and plenty of water.

What does a Fluffy Frenchie Cost

Present typical costs range from about $8000 to upward of $20,000, sometimes more f or the rarest colors or champion  bloodlines. These frenchies come in all the standard and alternate colors as the short haired french bulldogs, and the more rare the color, the more the dog will cost.  

We plan to offer very reasonable cost for these fluffy puppies with pet only registration.