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All You Need to Know About Feeding Your New Puppy!

Puppies are just as delicate as babies, and caring for newborn puppies comes with a lot of responsibilities because they need constant care. Puppies should be on their balanced mother milk until six weeks at least. In case the puppies are scattered and don’t have a mother to feed them, various puppy milk formulas are available on the market. 

Puppies older than six weeks can be shifted to a semi-solid diet to keep them active; they should take their nutrition at least three times a day until they are at least six months old. After six months, you can switch them to a day-night diet with two meals daily. Puppies need a lot of calories to fuel their growth. These little ones grow with massive scales in the first five months, so if you are adopting or buying one, make sure that you are using the right amount of protein, and you can always amplify their diet by asking your vet about their age and growing needs as they grow older. 

Many commercial puppy food makers also have feeding charts to ensure that your little ones have enough nutrition intake. A lot of the time, people get skeptical and overthink a lot out of obsession for their little pups. Let us give you the ultimate advice: overfeeding will not make them stronger or more prominent. It will only upset their stomach and increase their appetite and body fat, making them obese. We get the question regarding the eating habits of the puppies a lot, and most of the time, we only advice a few points to the new puppy’s parents.

Here are some of our best tips regarding your puppy feeding habits:

  • We feed our dogs a high-nutrition homemade raw and healthy diet mixed with pelleted dry food. 
  • From the starting, we have kept our animals on a raw diet, making them stronger and healthier in terms of bone density and body weight. 
  • We also use the ‘The barf diet,’ which has proven to be quite revolutionary for us as it talks a lot about raw food fit for your dogs.
  • Raw diets will always benefit your dogs since they are naturally accustomed to them.
  • We have seen massive changes through shinier coats, less shedding, clean teeth, high bone density, and positive behavioral changes. 
  • Kibble or dry food is a good option for people who do not have enough time or resources to prepare for the raw meat diet. 
  • Dry food is often cooked at high temperatures, which makes the food lose its potential, reducing the vitamins. 
  • I have been a fan of pellet food, which makes an excellent choice for my dogs and pups because they immediately become fans of that consistency. 
  • My honest suggestion to any new puppy owner would be to get your hands on high-quality food filled with nourishment or prepare the raw food diet yourself.
  • The mixed diet has its advantages, which ensure good puppies’ growth, receiving all the vital nutrition in each bowl. 
  • We recommend watching documentaries and understanding the puppy growth cycle to help them eat better so that you leave no vitals behind. 

Your new puppy might be demanding and not like everything you give them; however, you will have to develop a taste they would like to consume. These little ones are often demanding and don’t change their diet or take medication easily. However, it is not impossible to train them since their learning ability is impressive. Every puppy takes their time to prepare and change its everyday eating habits, yet it is not impossible to get them on track and do what is good for them. We are always open to queries and consultations if you have any concerns regarding your puppies and their health. If you want to adopt a high-breed puppy, we are delighted to help you welcome a family member and best friend you can call your own for life!

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