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Dog Food and Genetic Health Testing

Genetic Health Testing Is Helpful for Breeders

To diagnose your dog’s disease, pet owners must take a swab from dogs and send it to a lab. The breed carries genetic health testing and tests for multidrug resistance and genetic diversity. A dog that is a carrier does not have the disorder and will not develop it. Genetic health testing allows owners to establish proper lifestyles.

Optimizing Chances of a Dog’s Long and Happy Life

Our primary concern is the health of our puppies. We raise them well and ensure they socialize with other dogs and people to keep themselves entertained. While purchasing puppies from us, you can ask us about their diet and vet care regime to optimize their health.

We focus on their mental stimulation by keeping them busy with puzzles and other problem-solving toys to reduce their destructive behaviors. If the buyer requests us, we can perform the screening for the puppies, but we would suggest that the purchaser himself conducts the tests.

There are two popular tests, optimal selection and embark, which collect the swab as a sample and then get returned it for analysis. These tests analyze your dog’s DNA and perform a screening for multiple diseases such as traits and genetic diversity. Once the tests get done, the dog owner receives a comprehensive report.

Feeding Your Puppy with the Best Food

If your puppies feel stressed by the constant change in their diet and environment, you must change their diet. Our experts would recommend the buyers Kibble, which provides dogs of all ages and body types with a balanced diet. You can moisten Kibble with water or canned food and keep the gums and teeth healthy.

Previously, we fed them raw since the late 1990s but then considered it quite radical. In those times, homemade raw diets included chopped vegetables with meat and grains. Their food has a significant portion of raw meaty bones because it provides an ideal balance of calcium and phosphorous. We have experienced that raw bones keep teeth sparkly clean, which is why our dogs have never had any dental issues.

Specialized Diet Formulas Leading to Overall Better Health for Your Puppies

According to our research and expertise, feeding your puppy with higher-quality ingredients fulfills his special nutritional needs. Pet food companies have introduced higher quality products into the raw feeding market, providing them with the nutrition they need.

You can opt for refrigerated prepared raw meals from the market for your puppies or get the pre-packaged raw food delivered to your place. Frozen food for dogs is easy to feed since you only need to add water, and the raw nibs and kibble toppers come out.

The pet food of the modern day is much more nutritious than it was years ago because the pet food companies have started considering the requirements for the pet’s nutritional health.

Feeding Your Furry Family Member the Right Way

  • According to our expertise, dog owners must feed the growing puppies with nutrients to meet their nutritional needs. You can feed them unmoistened dry food depending on their dietary If your puppy is around 7 to 14 weeks old, you can feed it four times a day.


  • If your puppy is 2 to 7 months old, you can decrease its feedings to three times a day. Finding good dog food is easy, but you must focus on your pet’s metabolism and body type to feed it in specific portions.


  • If your puppy is 8 to 12 months old, you can feed it twice daily. If your puppy is a neutered one, it would require adult maintenance food. After 1, you can feed your adult dogs two and a half portions a day. We would suggest that you feed your dogs at regular times and in standard amounts to train them properly, and this would discourage their picky habits.

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