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Buy Among the Most Expensive French Bulldog Colors


Is it the right time to reveal the most expensive French Bulldog colors? 

The Frenchies are the second most famous dog breed in the world. You can find this little one in various colors, but which one is the most expensive? The one with rare characteristics and shades of coat will be expensive. These dogs are also popular because of their way of communication.

They communicate with expressive eyes, energetic attitudes, and unique Frenchie talk. The different colors of French bulldogs are the most exciting development in the breed. Similarly, their testing is also quite costly, not because females should go through artificial insemination and C-section. Still, their parents must get tested if they are also carriers of dilute genes. 

Following are the reasons why French Bulldog puppies are expensive: 

  • Vitamin supplements: $100 – $150
  • Shipping semen: $100- $350
  • Male stud fee: $1000- $7500
  • Ultrasound or X-ray: $100- $300
  • Puppy food: $100- $350
  • DNA/ Genetic testing: $700- $1000

French Bulldog Colors Make Them Look Highly Expensive:

 The rare colors might shift with time!

Pick the dogs in rare colors if you are up for a competition.  The cost for these dogs depends on breeding rights and bloodline. It could go up to fifty thousand dollars and rank among the rarest colors.

The rare French bulldog colors or those which are a fad and unusual affect your decision-making in adopting a dog. The standard colors for French Bulldogs are Brindle, brindle and white, Cream, Fawn, Fawn, and white, Fawn Brindle, White, and Fawn.

They differ from the standard Bulldog, so you must find a reputable breeder with excellent breeding practices while opting for a rare color Frenchie. 

The colors which do not find a place on the list of approved coat colors:

  • Blue
  • Merle
  • Isabella
  • Lilac
  • Chocolate
  • Pure black 
  • Sable
  • Black and tan
  • Blue and fawn

How Much Does A Full-grown Blue French Bulldog Cost?

Will you believe us if we tell you that there exists a waiting list for blue ones? 

The blue French Bulldog is rare, and people don’t mind paying higher prices. They are striking but prone to Color Dilution Alopecia or CDA. It is an inherited condition that causes hair thinning patterns or loss.

The puppies are born average-looking but suffer from hair loss symptoms for a long time. Now, surprisingly not all blue Frenchies will be prone to coat problems, or even if it does, you can visit your vet to help keep your Bulldog healthy. The blue Frenchie can cost around $10,000 per puppy. 

Some Different French Bulldog Coats Colors:

  • Blue Frenchie: 

It is without any color on the coat.

  • Blue pied Frenchie:

The Frenchie with blue coats has patches of white or cream on their bellies, chest, and legs. 

  • Cream French Bulldog:

It is hard to find a Frenchie in these two colors. They are with a solid coat and a signature eggshell color without dark spots and patches. 

  • Blue Brindle French Bulldog: 

This one is similar to the Blue Fawn, having the same double recessive dilute genes. Its result is a pretty gray-colored base with a hint of noticeable blue shade. They develop light-colored eyes, which enhances their look. 

  • Chocolate French bulldog:

You can also find them in Chocolate Brindle and Chocolate Pied colors. Both colors are rare, having a non-testable gene. 

Potential Health Problems In Rare Colors Of French Bulldogs

One must ensure that their puppy is healthy; for this, getting a health guarantee is essential. 

The health issues for puppies you should pay attention to are the following: 

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cherry eye 
  • Contact and food allergies
  • Entropion
  • Breathing issues

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