Bringing Puppy Home

Puppy Brain Based Activities

Brain based activities

When you bring your new puppy home, you will probably find that he is a bit overwhelmed with the new environment. He is likely to be quiet, and amenable to being in a crate or playpen when you are not able to watch him.  If you have other dogs, he will gradually learn to interact with them, and will likely mimic their behaviors. This is great for potty training purposes.

Once he is acclimated to his home, you may notice some destructive behaviors, such as chewing on baseboards, furniture, door frames.  He may well seek out the things that appear to be fun to play with, which are in fact, things you don’t want him to have. My own love any cardboard box they can find, any paper that inadvertently is in reach. Sticks from the yard come indoors to be shredded on the floor.

One way to lessen these behaviors is to provide your dog with brain based games and activities.

Dogs are intelligent animals, and mental stimulation is something they need. There are puzzles, treat dispensing toys, kongs, and other problem solving toys you can find online at most pet supply sites.

You can also make your own games.

I think one of the most fun ways to stimulate and calm dogs and puppies is using lick mats and snuffle mats. Both are fun ways to make them work for treats or food. Snuffle mats are wonderful for puppies who  gulp their food. A snuffle mat or a slow feeder is almost a necessity for frenchies and pugs, who are notorious for inhaling their food. Lick mats are great for calming or bedtime activity.  I like to put yogurt, or peanut butter, or even crushed ice on the mats You an even sprinkle kibble over peanut butter, applesauce, mashed banana, or yogurt.

A bored puppy may well become a destructive puppy. By providing exercise,, training, and brain based games and activities, you can  greatly reduce any destructive behaviors. In addition, your dog is more likely to be receptive to basic obedience training.

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