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Adopting a Pug Puppy – A Guide for New Pet Owners

Adopting a Pug Puppy

Guidelines for Adopting a Pug Puppy

Pugs are naturally curious dogs with human-like looks all over their faces. Pug pups enjoy with toys and taking long naps, respectively. Choosing the ideal pug puppy should be easy because this breed is renowned for its people-loving and feisty personality. 

Pugs and other dogs with flat faces were prized by the Chinese aristocracy more than 2000 years ago. Pugs were highly prized and frequently presented as gifts to the subject of the royal court, along with shih tzu and Pekingese. Dutch traders introduced pugs back to Europe in the 1600s.

Pompey, the pug owned by the notoriously devoted Prince William of Holland, and Basco, the pug of Queen Victoria II, was both idolized. In several portraits from the 18th century, they were frequently and sweetly shown with their owners. 

  • In the modern day, pugs have become extremely popular. Most of our televisions have seen Otis from “Adventures of Milo and Otis,” Who can forget the witty Frank from “Men in Black”? Pugs’ boisterous personalities are sure to add color to any space. Pug is one of the most exceptional dogs. 

Now the question that comes to my mind is, are pugs the right fit for your family, and will they fit your lifestyle or not?

You need to know this information before you buy a pug, and at the end of this blog, you will learn all the details that are compulsory to know when purchasing a pug. 

Pug Rescue

Search for rescues that place children in your state. Keep in mind that every return covers a different region. For instance, Pug Rescue of New England (PRoNE) adopts pugs to six states (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut), and they also consider pug lovers in other nearby states. 

The pug is a special breed of dog that has been a part of American households and royal houses. Pug puppies and everything you need to know about them are articulated in this blog cleanly.

The information below is crucial to know about a pug as these are all the biographies that a human needs to know about a pug. All this information should be considered before taking your new family member home.


They are generally small in size. They only reach up to 10-14 inches long and weigh approximately 15-19 pounds.


Pugs have a keen sense of curiosity and are constantly looking for new activities. They have a particular interest in eating as well. Pugs are prone to gaining weight due to their size and consumption propensity. The expressive eyes of a pug may lead you to believe they are starving when they are not, so be careful not to overfeed them and to exercise them frequently. 

  • They can smell food from a reasonable distance as well.
  • You also have to see whether they have eaten or not because they will always look at you with a hungry look on their faces.


Pugs shed and would benefit from a weekly brushing with a medium-bristle brush or a rubber grooming mitt. Yet, because of their short coat, they rarely require professional care. Pugs require routine nail trimming, especially if they live in cities where they don’t often have the chance to file their nails by digging. 

The pug’s eyes are its finest features, as they are gorgeous. Regrettably, there are some health dangers associated with their eyes which are,

  • They run the danger of getting dry eyes.
  • They also run the danger of corneal ulcers.


The pug breed is one of the oldest breeds still around today. Pugs have distinctive wrinkled brows and big, dark brown eyes that keep you guessing. Their smooth, brief coats are often one of three colors: apricot-fawn (a tan shade), silver, or black. A black face mask is included with all three variants. The public adores these dogs’ distinctive appearance for various reasons, including their sturdy bodies and curly-cue tails.

Training a Pug

Pugs love to please others. Some pugs are simple to train since they are upset if they misbehave. As a result, stricter training techniques will terrify a pug. Early socialization classes are recommended with this breed because their curiosity can get them into difficulty if they don’t know how to act among other dogs.

It is as if pugs are designed to please humans, and they are also safe around children. Due to their small size, children feel comfortable around them and can play as much as they want.


Pugs love a warm and comfortable environment. They love to feel cozy, and they are most happy when they get a friendly atmosphere in their human home. 

  • They also are dependable lap dogs; if they had their way, the day would be spent dozing out. Pugs require daily walks and playtime to build up their stamina because of this, plus their ravenous appetite. 
  • They eat a lot and need to be controlled as they can quickly gain weight. 


Their average lifespan is between 13-15 years. They have a less lifespan as compared to the other breeds of dogs. 

Who is Best for a Pug?

Pug owners take pride in their canine companions being well-suited for the country and the metropolis. Pugs are adaptable canines that are fine living alone or as a pack member.

Pugs are friendly and low-energy dogs that aren’t made for speed, so having a family that prefers Netflix over running marathons is excellent. They are low-energy and don’t want to exercise as they are lazy. 

The primary distinction between a breeder and a rescue is that there might only sometimes be young puppies available at a rescue. The advantage is that most are required only to adopt dogs who have been neutered and microchipped. 

  • This implies that you might get a dog that has already undergone these routine medical procedures and is housebroken. Also, you might come across a pug mix that combines some of the features you like best about the breed with a few others. 

Pug Breeder

Research is the first thing you should do. Sadly, there are a lot of puppy factories that pass for respectable breeders online, as well as a lot of online frauds. Be aware and participate in discussions about getting your potential furry family member on various web forums. 

Ask questions, plan to meet the mother or parent dogs, and trust your instincts. Something probably needs to be corrected if something doesn’t seem right when you visit a breeder or if the pug puppy appears too good to be true. As you need to do the research, you should explore everything about a pug breeder and look into further details.

Pug puppies are great for those with allergies, and we have pug puppies for sale in Kansas City in all colors and sizes.

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